Sunday, October 30, 2011

Final Week of Giveaway!

It's the final week of our Indie GoGo Campaign and our great giveaway with the Rafflecopter app.

Follow all the nifty instructions below and watch your 'I did this' turn green! At the end of the giveaway (October 31) we will randomly pick winners from all of the eligible entries and each winner will be assigned a prize by SeamedUP. More prizes may be added (hint hint) so be sure to come back daily and keep entering! Thanks so much to Martingale, Bari J. and Sweet Jane Quilting & Design for donating fabulous prizes.  If you have a fabulous prize to share, please contact us at

Don't forget - you get to CHOOSE your own book from Martingale! 
These are some of their latest:

Three lucky winners will choose a pattern from Sweet Jane Quilting & Design!

Fat Quarter Shop - Thank You!

 Just a quick thank you to one of our sponsors, Fat Quarter Shop.   Kimberly and her team have been super supporters of SeamedUP for several months, and we appreciate it!

Fat Quarter Shop is known for their wide variety of clubs and block-of-the-month programs, along with a terrific selection of pre-cuts - and that's on top of all the fabric, patterns, and notions!

Their latest pattern partnership is with It's Sew Emma.  You can join FQS's exclusive club to have these mailed to you as they are released - at a discount.

Fat Quarter Shop is very social.  You can "like" their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, sign up for the newsletter, and subscribe to their blog.=

Friday, October 28, 2011

Member Spotlight - JustPlainJane

Our member spotlight is lighting UP the profile of Jane, known on as JustPlainJane. Jane was one of the winners of our Back to School ~ Back to Sewing Contest in September.

Jane has been a great cheerleader for SeamedUP, mentioning us on her blog and actively participating on the site.  She writes, "As a stay-at-home mom and with my boys, at the ages they are at now, I am unable to join into a quilt guild or take any quilts classes.  But with SeamedUp, I have my quilting community.  It's a location where I can find new quilting friends and find some "celebrity" podcasters and bloggers!  By using the Projects page, I love being able to have "show and tell" with my quilts and with other quilters' projects.  And the Chat It Up page is a perfect place to go if you have quilt-related questions.  When ever I need my quilt group, I have SeamedUp."

Jane's blog, JustPlainJane Quilts, was started "as a way to show myself that I was actually getting things accomplished in my quiltmaking.  At one time, I had thought I wasn't getting anything completed.  Through my blog, I have photos, along with my own notes about a particular quilt.  And as my two monkeys (sons) are getting bigger and busier, now I get to see the changes I've had to make as my free time becomes less."

Jane says her favorite feature on SeamedUP is the Projects page.  "I love to see what others are creating.  I enjoy seeing if others are making similar or different items from what I am making."  And Jane has many inspiring projects herself, as you can see. 

As for her dream feature, Jane "would love to be able to categorize projects in the Projects page. To be able to categorize quilts from garments or novelties. Or full size quilts from wall quilts, or miniature quilts. Or in my case, I'd love to be able to categorize my finished quilts from the ones that are still in progress (in which I have TONS of), and the ones that are ideas that I'd love to be able to start someday." Jane, I think the TechGoddess just might have that on her list!

Don't forget to add Jane as a friend on SeamedUP for a vibrant and busy thread!=

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chat it UP - Halloween Costume Sewing

One of the latest topics in Chat It UP is about Halloween costumes.  BryeLynn wants to know:

So far the response has been a mixture of "of course!" and "thank goodness my kids are grown!"  If you make costumes for your kids (or grandkids, or dog, or self!) make sure to share them on SeamedUP and add them to the "costume" category so we can all see!

Some costumes that can be found on SeamedUP:

Last week's poll results:
  • Almost 1/2 of the participants have fabrics that are more than 10 years old in their stash!
  • More than 3/4 of the quilters who voted have fabric older than 5 years in their stash.
  • There were actually 2 quilters who don't have fabric older than 1 year.  I wonder if those quilters have been quilting for more than a year.  How do you do that?
New poll this week:  Where do you stand on homemade Halloween costumes? The poll is in the sidebar.=

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tips on How to Search for Friends

As many of you know, SeamedUP is still in BETA mode and not everything is working as perfectly as we would like. We have many, many plans for future features, but have to prioritize them.

One of the main features that we need is a way to search for friends on SeamedUP. You joined and you know that several people from your guild have joined, but you can't find them. I promise we will make this easier as we move forward, but for right now, let me show you a 'work-around.'

1.  The search box in the blue bar is the easiest way to search for anything on SeamedUP. The format of the results is not the greatest, but it will help.

    2.  You have to know your friend's user name to get perfect search results; if you don't know their user name, try just their first or last name (they may have used it in their user name) or a user name they use on other sites.  Email addresses are protected so you can't search by email address.

    3. The first search is for Content only - you have to switch it to search for users

    4. The information that members put in their profiles is considered Content on the site.  So, if your friends filled out their profiles and said what machine they use, where they live, or even the type of dogs they have, you could do a search for that to find them.  You will know it is a profile result because it says "User Profile - (user name).

    **Another great reason to have a completed profile page - so your friends can find you.  If you write a blog post about SeamedUP, how about sharing your member name so your fans can find you as well.

    I hope these tips help until we improve our members search features.  So go try it out and find your friends!=

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    A Great Giveaway

    For our last hurrah on the Indie GoGo Campaign, we've teamed up with, a fantastic new app that lets you organize giveaways without all that tedious commenting about "I'm a fan on Facebook too!"  How do you verify that anyway?  Thanks, Rafflecopter, for taking this off my plate!

    Follow all the nifty instructions below and then click on the green 'I did this' and it will say done!

    At the end of the giveaway (October 31) we will randomly pick winners from all of the eligible entries and each winner will be assigned a prize by SeamedUP.

    More prizes may be added (hint hint) so be sure to come back daily and keep entering!

    Thanks so much to Martingale and Bari J. for donating fabulous prizes.  If you have a fabulous prize to share, please contact us at

    P.S.  If you are viewing this post in a reader and have no clue what I'm talking about, please click through to the blog for the Rafflecopter app.  Thanks!


    For Me... It's All About the Fabric!

    I love fabric. I love it so much that I may, perhaps, have too much of it. However, I only feel this way when I have to move it or fold it, so I don't think it is actually a problem... Stash issues? Not here!

    You know what I love about fabric? That it has so many possibilities. I can cut it, piece it, applique it, glue it, starch it, collage it, reupholster with it, drape my furniture with it, make a costume with it, or pajamas. I can turn it into a work a art. I can turn it into a drop cloth (for shame!).

    But it's mine. I pet it. I talk to it. And it talks back.

    It is no surprise then, that I am the champion cheerleader for SeamedUP's own fabric collection, now almost 6500 strong! I love to know what is out there in the fabric world so that I can bring it into my own world, of course; but that aside, I can also help others see what there is as well.

    Every day I make a little more headway into building the fabric catalog on SeamedUP. We envision a catalog that will encompass all manufacturers, all types, and all personalities. (my fabric talks to me, remember?)

    The last time I updated the catalog on SeamedUP I included some of these treasures that you may recognize from your own stash.

    I encourage you to head over to SeamedUP and add them to your stash. I know my fabric feels a lot better when I proudly OWN it (I already told you it talks to me.. now it has sass too....)=

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    The Quilting Garden - Thank You!

    Just a quick thank you to one of our sponsors, The Quilting Garden.   Ronnie has been a great supporter of SeamedUP for several months, and we appreciate it!

    One of the things The Quilting Garden is known for is their beautiful and different kits.  Allison, a big fan of kits and BOMs, loves that Ronnie always has some that you don't see anywhere else.

    And now you can get them on a great sale!  The Pumpkin Patch Sale is going on now through Halloween and includes everything that hasn't already been marked down.  Use the code PUMPKIN15 for 15% off your regularly priced items.

    As always, shipping is just $5 on domestic orders up to $100.  Any order to the US for more than $100 ships for free! 

    To keep up with the latest in the garden, subscribe to their newsletter or like them on Facebook.=

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Member Spotlight - SewExcitedQuilts

    Our member spotlight is lighting UP the profile of Jackie B., known on as SewExcitedQuilts. Jackie was the winner of our Back to School ~ Back to Sewing Contest in September.

    Jackie just started blogging a few months ago at "The main focus of my blog is quilting with some other sewing related items as they come up.  Personal/family only comes in for reference or story telling. I originally started it as a place to document my quilting life, so when life overlaps quilting it is included," she says.

    Jackie writes that she found the online quilting community when she was listening to different podcasts.  These led her to other blogs, Big Tent, and finally SeamedUP.

    She explains, "I think once I realized I could catalog everything, especially photos and notes on my quilts, I was hooked. Once I got started putting everything in, I couldn't wait to get everything into one place. Another favorite thing is seeing what everyone else has done. I check often for new pictures...I like the vision of having one place to go for all things quilting."

    Jackie's dream feature would be to merge the Big Tent podcast group into SeamedUP.   "It would be nice to go to one place for quilting news and chat rooms. Time is limited and I want to spend it quilting and having one place to go to keep up with discussions would be awesome."

    "I love the concept of SeamedUP and the community it is building. I have severe allergies that prevent me from joining large groups so this is important to me. I am also willing to help anyway I can."

    Don't forget to add Jackie as a friend on SeamedUP for a vibrant and busy thread!=

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Chat It UP - How Old is Too Old?

    One of the interesting topics in Chat It UP recently was about how far back we want to go when cataloging fabric.  Are you like member JoAnnaSpring, who has a big stash of fabrics from five years ago?

    This is a great question! JoAnna isn't the only SeamedUP member who has some fabric that has been, shall we say, underutilized

    The answer is, as it almost always is on SeamedUP, do what works for you.  Part of the reason we each have our own sewing rooms on the site is to help stay organized, use the fabric we have, and share ideas.  If trying to add fabrics that aren't already in the library is stressing you out, then fugettaboutit!  But if you like knowing exactly how many fat quarters you've already bought with owls on them, then go ahead and load them all, regardless of their vintage.

    The second part of JoAnna's question, concerning how to find the information on an old school favorite, is also very relevant.  Here's one of those times when Google really is your friend.  Use every bit of selvedge information you can find, and think back to what year the fabric might have been purchased.  You can also post a scanned image and start a Chat It UP topic of your own.  You just might be surprised to find out how many members fell in love with the same line of calicoes back in 1994!

    Last week's poll results:
    • About 1/2 of the participants had never entered a quilt into any type of show.  
    • About 2/3 of the quilters who had entered a show, however, had entered one into a judged show.
      New poll this week:  How old is the oldest fabric in your stash?  The poll is in the sidebar.=

      Tuesday, October 18, 2011

      Only 14 More Days of Our Indie GoGo Campaign!

      It's the final push for our Indie GoGo Campaign to help fund our move to a new server.  To show you what a great value you get with just a $5 donation, we've made a handy list of other things you can buy for $5. 

      Top Ten Things to Buy with $5
          10.  A month of debit card use from Bank of America
            9.  A gallon of gas in California
            8.  A Six Pack of Toddler Socks
            7.  A cheese and cracker tray on an American Airlines flight
            6.  A creepy child's witch hat...with flames???
            5.  Nickelodeon's Haunted Halloween, Volume 1 on iTunes
            4.  A Subway footlong sub for ANYtober
            3.  2 shares of Sprint/Nextel stock
            2.  A custom, 30-second hand puppet commercial

       ...and the number one thing you could do with $5....

            1.  Click this link and help build the SeamedUP community for sewing and modern fabric crafts!

      Here's how you can help:
      • Visit the Indie GoGo Campaign page and leave a comment
      • Make a donation if you are able and select a fabulous thank you gift
      • Use the buttons on the page to share the campaign on your blog, through email, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
        Thanks for helping make the best it can be!=

        Sunday, October 16, 2011

        Member Spotlight - Seeneed

        Our member spotlight is lighting UP the profile of Cindy N., known on as Seeneed.  Cindy one of our most active members; she was the runner up in our Back to School ~ Back to Sewing Contest in September.

        Cindy says her favorite current feature on SeamedUP is the projects page, which provides great inspiration.

        Her fantasy feature?  "Wouldn't it be cool if you had the ability to put in a number of fabrics and how much you have of each fabric and the patterns you could make with that fabric would pop up?"  YES!  We'll get the TechGoddess right on that!

        "I'm looking forward to having  SeamedUP move to the new server so it is faster and a little less glitchy.  It is exciting to see how SeamedUP is growing and becoming more useful each day."
        Cindy's Balloon Quilt has been both a featured project on our Facebook page, but also one of the subjects of our discussion about entering quilts into shows.

        She doesn't just make beautiful quilts, though.  Check out her profile for some of the fantastic purses and totes Cindy has made, like this Ombre Bag.

        Cindy says a blog would be "way too much work at this point, so the best place to find out about me is SeamedUP."  Don't forget to add Cindy as a friend on SeamedUP for a vibrant and busy thread!=

        Saturday, October 15, 2011

        Images, Copyright, and the Names Under Pictures

        This week's tech question is about the names that appear under images that are uploaded to the site.  These names only show up on the detail pages, but we've been thinking a lot about how to manage this attribution.

        The SeamedUP team values intellectual property, and we do our best to respect copyrights on all of our information, including images. However, we can't speak for every member of our community. Therefore, the name under each picture tells us, as well as other members, who uploaded the picture. If someone claims that copyright has been violated, we will know who to discuss the issue with. In addition, SeamedUP has chosen to use the word "from" instead of the traditional © symbol. This denotes that we are not assigning copyright to any image; we are simply stating who uploaded the image.

        This name is actually populated by the author of the piece of content it is attached to, such as a pattern, fabric, project, stash, etc. It is not a manually entered field. When SeamedUP does a catalog update, we assign the author of the content. For fabric it is the manufacturer; for patterns it is the designer; and for publications it is the publisher. But many times the person authoring a piece of content may be a regular SeamedUP member. For example, I am filling my sewing room stash and add a fabric that is not in the catalog yet; when I add this content, I become the author and my user name will be listed under the image. This piece of content will go into the moderation queue; when the moderators review it, they will correct the author of the content and, on the next cache clear, the 'from' name will be updated. Moderators will only change authors for catalog content - not for stash, projects, or library items.

        If you are a pattern designer, fabric manufacturer, or publisher please get in touch with us. We will make sure your correct user name is listed under your images and give you access to edit all the content that you 'own'.

        If you find a copyright violation on the site, the first step would be to contact the SeamedUP team about it. The easiest way is to click "Is there something wrong with this page" and filling out the form. This sends us an email with a link directly to the piece of content you had concerns about.

        Thanks to all of you who have given us feedback on this issue.  As a community of quilters, we appreciate the process as well as the product.  Discussions like this one only help build and improve our SeamedUP home.=

        Friday, October 14, 2011

        Indie GoGo Campaign Enters Final 3 Weeks!

        It's the last three weeks of our Indie GoGo Campaign, and we're about one fourth of the way to our goal.

        In the video below, the TechGoddess gives you a tour of our future server and shares why we are raising these funds. 

        Here's how you can help:
        1. Visit the Indie GoGo Campaign page and leave a comment
        2. Use the links from that page to share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, via email, or on your blog
        3. Donate, if you can
        Thanks so much for making the wonderful community that it is growing to be.=

        Thursday, October 13, 2011

        Chat it UP - Entering into Shows

        The hot topic on the Chat it UP forums these days?  Entering quilts into shows.

        Member justplainjane kicked it off with this question:

         We were pretty evenly divided between the group who don't think their quilts are "show worthy" or who would find the pressure of being judged overwhelming, and the group who have had some experience, at least at the local guild show level, of participating.  Scientific Quilter correctly pointed out that not all shows are judged, and referenced the reward of "being a part of something greater" when she entered a quilt in her own guild's show.

        Member kiwicoral was inspired by the conversation to enter her quilt, Grandma's Roses, into The Quilt Event coming up in November. 

        You can listen to Annie Smith's podcast that prompted the discussion here:

        Join us and let us know what you think.  Also, take our sidebar poll - have you ever entered a quilt in a show?=

        Wednesday, October 12, 2011

        Episode 7 with Co-Host Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios

        This week on the podcast, Allison and Brye had a chance to speak with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios.  Scott is in the middle of his Quilt-Uberfest, along with fifteen other designers.  Scott is a busy guy, with an upcoming book, a collaboration with David Butler, and teaching four classes at Quilter's Affair in Sisters, Oregon next summer.

        You can find it on iTunes right here: 
        Please leave a rating and a review.

        Links we promised you:
        Our pics of the Week:

        La Carroté by Mrs. Quilt

        If you are interested in volunteering as a moderator on the forums, send us an email at

        Sunday, October 2, 2011

        Enhance Your Quilts - Embellish! with Author Terry White

        We called Terry White last week to get the scoop on her new book, Enhance Your Quilts - Embellish! and got to talking about how she started quilting. 

        "Art and threads have always been a part of my life," says Terry.  

        And what a life! There were artists and seamstresses throughout Terri's family, and she used to play dress-up with the magical costumes her grandmother created for Mardi Gras.  Terri also remembers always having paints and crafting supplies around the house.  "I could draw when I was little," she explains, and adds that - in her mind - embroidery was just drawing with thread.  By high school she was knitting, tatting, and doing crewel work, embroidery, and applique.  Then she got her first quilt book when she was just sixteen after it arrived as a book-of-the-month club selection.  She was heavily influenced by several books that Terry says were "ahead of their time," including Jean Ray Laury's Quilts and Coverlets and Constance Howard's Inspiration for Embroidery.

        Terry started making art quilts back in the eighties, long before they were embraced.  She often feels sandwiched between two generations of quilters, she says.  When she first joined a guild in her twenties, the "old ladies" looked at her wondering what she was doing there, she remembers.  There was even a discussion about a minimum age requirement for membership!

        By the time art quilting was made popular, largely by younger quilters, Terry says some thought she had become the "old lady."  She was even called a "troublemaker" by a doyenne of the industry for breaking the rules of quilting.  

        "I love what is happening now...the the younger women are 
        coming in...coming up with their own new colors and feelings.  It's fun."

        Terry is interested in the history of quilting, and points out that it's not that long a history.  If you look back to the beginnings of quilting, she adds, American patchwork is all so different.  Quilters have always made creative choices, renamed blocks, and experimented with color.  "If you took them out of context, you wouldn't call them traditional quilts at all."

        She adds, "People who call themselves traditional quilters - what does that mean?  Is it because they use blocks that have a name?  Because they use old-fashioned looking fabrics?" 

        Terry used to do all her work by hand until injury to her hands made her move to machine work.  But "even when I quilted by hand, I was always doing embroidery and adding beads and embellishments."  It's not the same work she used to do, she clarifies, but a continuation of it.

        Enhance Your Quilt - Embellish! is Terry's third book, and the book she says she's been waiting to do all along.  She started with Thread Painting Made Easy in 2008 because it's her favorite technique, but mostly because the people she was teaching to were most intrigued by this method.  She followed that with All Beaded Up by Machine later that year.

        Each book has a similar outline and idea:  it introduces a method for decorating the surface of your quilt, and the technical ways to make it work.  She covers all aspects of how to set up your machine and which materials work best.  "Technical boring stuff that you'd love to live without," but which make the learning curve easier.

        "I've experimented with all these things so [you] don't have to.  
        I don't lie and I don't leave secrets out.  I tell [you] everything."

        Lessons follow, teaching the different techniques.  The first two books have some patterns included, and the new book has over a hundred suggestions for "embellishmentality," as Terry calls it.  Each book finishes with an Inspirations section to get you moving.

        Being a pioneer of modern quilting has its perks.  Terry works with Havel's Sewing, Bernina, AQS, and even had the chance to design some thread for Coats & Clark

        Thanks, Terry, for taking the time to chat with SeamedUP!  We hope your new book is a raging success!

        Saturday, October 1, 2011

        Episode 6 with Co-Host Bari Ackerman

        SeamedUP Podcast - Episode 6 is UP on iTunes. Download it here:

        Allison had a great time chatting with co-host and designer Bari Ackerman, better known as Bari J., author of the new book, Inspired to Sew and the designer of the Paris Apartment fabric line for Lecien.

        They covered Bari's "more is more" philosophy, when she crossed the line from "crafty girl" to "business woman," and a quick description of her fabric collage technique.

        You can keep up with Bari J. on her embroidery blog, We Love French Knots, her sewing and design blog, or Twitter.

        Other links mentioned: 
        Allison announced our Back to School ~ Back to Sewing Contest Winners.
        Congratulations to our most active members:


        Thanks so much to Andover, Moda, and Jennifer Paganelli for donating our fabulous prizes!