Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help us Keep SeamedUP Online!

Creating a website like SeamedUp takes more than just passion, time and dedication. It takes some massive server space.

Think about it - we have over 200,000 fabrics, patterns, notions and books to add to the site - not to mention the thousands of projects our members will posts. Each one of these comes with pictures (if it is one of mine, it is lots of pictures). That is tons of kilobits, bites, gigas, teras to store. In addition, some of the features we want to add to the site will need more than my moderate level of expertise - we will have to high some professionals.

One way to accomplish this is to take the site down completely and not use any server space. But we don't think this is feasible. One of the things that makes SeamedUP great is all the member feedback! That is why we launched the site before it was 100% finished.

So we are reaching out to you - our loyal followers, our greatest fans, the people who benefit the most from this project - Please Help.

We have started a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo. Our last fundraising campaign we did on our own did keep us up for the last 8 months, but we didn't raise enough to upgrade our servers. This is what we really need to do.

So check out the Indie GoGo blog page to see all the ways you can help. And visit the Indie GoGo campaign for ALL the details and a video about our project.

If you can't donate money to the campaign, we understand - there are lots of other ways you can support the project. Every little step helps keep us going.

Thank you for your support.