Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reporting Data Errors with One Click

We have over (50,000) EDITED: 100,000 fabrics and 12,000 patterns to be added into SeamedUP. That is a lot of data. Needless to say, we get 'bug eyed' at times and do make mistakes. This is where you can help.

We have added a new little link at the bottom of the fabric and pattern detail pages. If you spot something off (such as the fabric is a plain gingham, but the fabric category is floral), please take the time to let us know.

Just click on "Something Wrong on this Page?" and you will be taken to a contact form to report the problem. Your user name, email address, and the ID# of the page in question is already filled out for you. Just enter the details (hey! this is gingham, not floral) and hit send. It will go directly to our Database Diva to review and fix the problem.

Please, don't stay quiet. If you find a problem, tell us - we can take it - you won't hurt our feelings - no crying over spilled milk - - - -You get the point.=

Monday, June 20, 2011


The day the techgoddess returned she fixed the issue on our site regarding the viewing of projects and patterns etc.

So come SEE come PLAY!=

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The UP's and down's of websites...


Well wouldn't you know - the very same week that our techgoddess is on a well-desevered, un-plugged, vacation - we have a little technical difficulty.

The site is still functioning (yeah!) but we are having an issue with the display of projects and patterns. You are still able to add your information to the site; but it is not displaying properly...

All information you add during this time is not lost.

You just can't see it.


And to add a little cherry - the other co-founder (me, Allison from Within A Quarter Inch) is also un-plugging for a few days! Great timing, we know:)

We will both be back this weekend (I know I'm am back on Saturday - and Brye will return either Saturday or Sunday).

Hold tight friends.

We'll be back, rested and ready to tackle the next phase of the gigantic, pen-ultimate, Fan-Tab-U-Lous, Modern Fabric Crafting Community that is SeamedUP.com

Thanks everyone!=

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whatcha UP to? It's all in your thread

New Feature!!!

I know, the blog has been quiet for a while. My apologies. But when we get a new idea in our heads, I am like a horse with blinders on - I think of nothing else until it is complete. So here your are, our latest feature added to your sewing room. We are calling it your "Thread", since "Wall" was already taken.

So, tell us. . . whatcha UP to? Your thread is a place where you can share with your SeamedUP friends your latest going ons (crafting or otherwise). But your thread is so much more than just a status update. Everything you do on SeamedUP will automatically post to your thread. Such as posting a new forum topic, commenting on a project or article, or adding a pattern to the database.

You can even comment on any thread.

You can even add pictures to your thread.

There are buttons to add the comments, show you how many comments have been posted; you can even "Like" a thread!

In the future we will add the option to automatically post to your Facebook or Twitter account.

So, off with you now - go check out your sewing room and tell us Whatcha been UP to!=