Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's be Friends!!!

New Feature!!!
Friending other members!

This weekend we adding the option to friend other SeamedUP members. You will see new icons on the sewing room and member profile page. Why do you want to make friends?! In the coming days or week we will be announcing an even better feature - a Facebook style wall! Where you and your friends can share you latest status and what you have been up to. Just another way to make SeamedUP the Modern Fabric Crafting Community!

Just click on the silhouette with the plus sign to send a friend request. All friend requests need to be approved. When you click you can send a message and you request is sent by email to the other member. Once approved - you will receive an email notification - the icon with turn blue. The the limbo in between it will have a small yellow caution sign.Link

In addition, we have added a new link to the sewing room menu to go directly to your friends list; where you can manage it our approve it. But you will easily recognize any new requests, because they will pop up in your sewing room!Also on your profile page we have added a block showing your latest friends.

Like I always say, SeamedUP keeps moving forward and adding new and better features. FYI - if you send the TechGoddess a friend request, she will always approve you.=

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stash it!

Friday Feature
SeamedUP is a great way to track your Stash

When you are a member of SeamedUP, you have your own "Sewing Room". This is where you can track your stash, the patterns in your library, your projects, favorites and eventually, even more. Today, let's talk about stash.

When you click on your sewing room it opens up to a dashboard page that shows you the last four entries to each of the menu categories. Click on "Stash" on the menu to the left to see your entire stash.

From your stash page you can click on the upper right hand link to add more stash. You can sort and search your stash. You can see more details by clicking on any one of the babies fabrics.

When you enter a stash item, it is linked to the fabric in the database. So, when you look at your stash all the info from the fabric database is automatically added to your stash info. We are adding dynamic links so you can search for related stash items!

From here you can also edit or delete the stash info. Click the edit button and change anything you wish. If you want to delete, because you no longer have the fabric, click the delete button at the bottom.

If you have any ideas to make stash features better, let us know.=

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Like Us on Facebook!

We now have a Facebook Fan Page! Check it out and "Like" us. This is another great place to learn more about SeamedUP and the SeamedUP Girls. We will post updates, questions, polls, and more.

Well, what do you know. Live and Learn. It seems that everyone who 'liked' us from the blog were actually liking my own page - within a quarter inch - and not only that - but specifically when I was on Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio!

So - thank you for that little ego boost - but like us again from the side bar!

I know, so much liking and so little time.....=

Quilting....for the Rest of Us

TeamUP with SeamedUP

Sandy, over at Quilting.... for the Rest of Us, has been a supporter of our efforts since the very beginning. She was one of our first testers and even donated to our fundraising campaign (which we haven't reached goal yet, click the piggy for more info).

Sandy is a fellow podcaster and has been on the airwaves for over a year. As she always says "she has never taught a class", she is not a professional, and she has never entered a quilt show; but she "loves quilting and loves talking about quilting". After listening to one podcast it is hard to believe that she has never taught a class. Sandy is wonderful and her podcast is extremely informative. Hear from quilters just like us, but also from experts, and some great researched topics from Sandy herself.

But she doesn't stop at just podcasts. Her blog regularly features "challenges", giveaways and lots of tips and tricks. You can expect book and product reviews plus details of what she has been up to.

Be sure to add to your reader. You won't regret it!=


Dynamic is one of those website terms that gets thrown around. When we first started building this site we knew we wanted a "Dynamic" database and wanted all aspects of the site to be "Dynamic". I know that not everyone quite understands what it means. So here is an example.

Let's start off on the Patterns tab. Click on a category - I chose "Table Runners":
This opens a list of all the Table Runners in the database. From here, choose one:

This opens up the pattern detail page for the chosen pattern. A lot of the details are actually links. See how they are blue. Click on the designer's name.

This opens up a page with everything in the database from that designer. And the cycle starts again!

Dynamic! Most of the pages within SeamedUP are like this. Check out fabrics, projects, and even other members stash or library. Adding these small details does take some time, so they are not all done yet; but this is one of our goals.=

Monday, May 16, 2011

Soooo Close!

This week's poll is so Close!  25 minutes left - come on by and show your love:)=

Monday, May 9, 2011

New week = New poll!

Martha Negley's Flower Market was the winner of last week's "which collection shall we add next" poll!  Her gorgeous line of fabrics has already been added to the SeamedUP database and you can add it to your stash, assign it to a project, or select it as a favorite!

For this week - I thought a few sample photos would help you in the voting process - here goes!

Nicey Jane - Heather Bailey for Freespirit

Happy Mochi Yum Yum by Monica Solorio-Snow (aka Happy Zombie) from Lecien Fabric

Celebrate Suess from Robert Kaufman

Tiny Town from Timeless Treasures


Monday, May 2, 2011

Comment on Projects

New Feature!!! You can now comment on other users projects!

Whenever you click on a project to see the details or more information about it, there is a tab titled "Comments". When you click on it you can read comments that others have left or you can leave one yourself!

This is such an important new feature. I don't know about you, but I have seen so many great projects that all I wanted to do was Scream - "WOW" I have felt that the member adding the project should hear my praise. Well, now they can!

So, please, don't stay quiet; share the love and tell them what you think.

In addition, we added the ability to subscribe to comments. You can now get an email when new comments are added or when someone comments on your project!

***TIP*** in your profile page, you may need to turn on comment notification to receive emails about comments.

Enjoy - more new features to announce soon.=

Project Detail Pages get a Facelift

Lots of new stuff happened on the site this weekend. I don't want to overwhelm you with all the newness, so I post a little bit every day.

First, the project details pages got a total re-design! This is the page you go to whenever you click on a project; whether is it yours or someone else's. There are three tabs at the top for easy navigation and to streamline all the information related to the project.

The first tab it the "Details" tab. This will show you pictures of the project. It also shows you most of the text information such as project category, pattern used, techniques, quiltblocks, batting, etc... You can click on the pattern to get more details on the pattern.

The next tab is "Fabrics Used". This is a table that shows you the fabrics that were used in the project (if the project creator entered them). You can see how much was used, how much it cost, where it was purchased, and you can click on the link to go to the fabric page to get more details on the fabric.

Lastly is the "Comments" tab. This is where you go to leave comments or to read the comments left by other members. Spread the love and tell them how much you like what they made!

As with most new features, we need to work out the bugs. If you find any, email me at Not all fields are showing yet. I am working on adding a box to show the project status and another one to give you more details about the pattern.

Check us out tomorrow for more details on the latest features.=

Sunday, May 1, 2011

And the winner is...

Amy Butler's Love Collection is being added the to database right now!
Thanks to all who voted and another poll is being added shortly!=