Known Issues and To Dos

Here you can see what we are currently working on as well as any issues we are aware of; aka bug list.

If you have any bugs that need swatting or a new feature idea, email me at and I will make sure to add it to the list.

The Bug List:
  1. Duplicates showing up on projects page
  2. Formatting inconsistent on different platforms
  3. Fix image scaling in boxes when zooming in
  4. Images added with Flickr not showing up on dashboard pages
  5. Reply to project comments not working
  6. Copyright on images not working correctly
  7. Fix the 'view view' on project comments
  8. align the favorite flag
  9. Change the friends icon to make it easier to understand
  10. Default avatars not showing up in thread
  11. Formatting of taxonomy pages
  12. Fabric/pattern search not working - page not found
  13. Browse all designers/manufacturers not working 100%
  14. Pattern techniques block showing duplicates
Future Features and Improvements:
  1. Make changes to thread format - # of likes, comments open
  2. Add in a block of similar fabrics
  3. Block of popular fabrics - # stashed/favorite'd/used in projects
  4. Publications - details should be links to search pages
  5. Change wording on commit page from save to submit
  6. Need ability to use fractions when adding fabric
  7. Make editing stash easier
  8. Button on stash/project/pattern library page "add another"
  9. When adding a pattern automatically add to pattern library. 
  10. Make taxonomy terms in profile links to search for users with similar terms
  11. # of visitors to my sewing room; link to who visited - so you can see their sewing room
  12. # of views on project
  13. Add a next button at the bottom of the stash/project/pattern library details page
  14. Make advance search more user friendly
  15. Add a Notions database
  16. Add a Machines database
  17. Add a search page for users
  18. Add a messaging system for users
  19. Ability to merge duplicate data entries into one
  20. Chat room - user rating based on number of posts
  21. Add a designer's search block to fabrics search page
  22. List of fabrics/patterns you have rated
  23. Display pictures in lightbox when clicked on
  24. Make help pages that are actually helpful
  25. Ability to download free patterns
  26. And oh so many more!

Do you think it is long enough?  I am sure we missed something. =