Monday, September 10, 2012

The goodbye message

The SeamedUP team would like to thank all of our members and visitors who have come by our website over the last 18 months ~ what a great ride it has been! 

None of it would have been as fun, inspirational, or challenging without you and we are forever in your debt.

We would especially like to thank the sites’ supporters and sponsors who helped us along the way. This includes all of the fabric manufacturers, book publishers, online retailers, and you!

We walk away looking forward to what comes next! 

Brye, our resident Tech Goddess is excited to apply the knowledge she gained while building this site to something that perhaps takes up a little less of her free time! 

Allison, our networker, who loved every inspiring conversation she has been a part of is now a member of the C&T Publishing team and she thanks SeamedUP for leading her to this opportunity.  

And Jenny, our social media master is working on her e-book – loosely tightly “what I did when I didn’t know what to do”….

However – we did build this site for a very important reason – because WE wanted it. We longed for a community of fabric crafters who were just as giddy over the latest fabric releases, pour over books looking for the next special project, and love to share what they have made. 

But guess what?

We never really had time left to be a part of the site! I guess that’s what they mean when people say ‘if you love quilting, don’t open a quilt shop because you never get time to sew anymore!’….

And so we are happy to know that another website is on the scene that we can be a part of ~ and we hope you will be too! is a small start-up, just like us, but they have big plans! If you liked what SeamedUP had to offer in terms of stashing, tracking, and sharing your projects you will find a nice home in Threadbias.
In fact, we asked them to write a message to you! Take it away Threadbias!

We here at Threadbias would love to welcome everyone who has been a part of SeamedUp to join our online sewing community. We've put together what we think is a pretty fun place to show off what you are working on, find friends, and learn from each other. We also have a number of new features coming soon including a design tool. We do our best to listen to the community and make changes to the site based on your feedback. Our team is made up of a couple of quilter/sewists, Amanda and Rebecca, and our resident "web guy" Alex who pulls it all together. Come sew with us!

And so we say farewell to SeamedUP - but we will see all of you on the quilty web!



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