Friday, August 31, 2012

#LDSI Labor Day Sew In

It's time for another holiday sew in, and this time you have three whole days!  (Four if you get started now while the kids are still at school.)  While we aren't doing an official sew-in with prizes and sponsors, we will be working alongside you all this weekend on the site and in our sewing rooms. 

The easiest way to play along:

  • Make sure you have a Twitter account.  Hint:  if you already have a blog, podcast, Flickr account, or SeamedUP membership, pick the same name if it's available.  That helps your quilty friends find you.  
  • Use your twitter account to log in to TweetChat and enter the hashtag #LDSI.
  • Share photos, thoughts, and what you're working on in your best 140 characters
If you need company while you sew, Pam from Hip to Be a Square has uploaded a brand new #LDSI podcast episode.  

I don't know of any specific giveaways or contests going on, but if you find them please share in the comments section.

See you on Twitter!


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