Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Post - Tips from the Moderator

Hi! You may not know me, but I am Gretchen, aka Firetones, and I am a moderator here at SeamedUp. (It’s a very glamorous but unpaid position, as I am sure you can guess.) My usual blogging habitat is 120 Blocks, but today I’m here (uninvited I might add).

In my semi-official capacity as a moderator, I’d like to make a couple of recommendations that would make my life (and yours also, believe it or not) easier. So, here they are in no particular order (except for the first one, which is really the most important from my own selfish point of view).
  • When adding books or patterns to the catalog in order to add them to your stash or link the pattern you made, search first. You will save yourself the time of entering it into the catalog, and you will save someone else who is undoubtedly very busy (Brye, I think) from having to somehow meld the multiple copies together.
    • In my vast experience, I find that it is quicker to search by author if it is a book. (Just a little tip.) If you search by title, you get a whole list of things with some of the words from the title in them. If you search by author, you get a smaller list and are more likely to actually see the book in your results if it is there.
  • When adding anything, fill in the form as completely as possible and add pictures. If you don’t know how to resize your pictures to fit the site requirements, feel free to email me ( I will be happy to help, as I am currently unemployed/retired.
  • Sometimes scanning works better than taking a picture for smaller items. Many of us have all-in-one printers that have scanners that we rarely use. Scan pattern covers or fabric swatches to add to the catalog. Just make sure that you save them as a .jpg and not a .pdf file.
  • If you see a book in SeamedUp that you are interested in purchasing, click on the link on the SeamedUp page. Not only is it quicker for you, but it helps to support SeamedUp financially. A win/win, as it were.
  • When you add your own projects, please add pictures. I know your sewing room is for your own use, but someday you, too, may wish you had pictures of all of these projects. And I really want to see your pictures. I’ll bet some other people do too!
  • If you made your project from a website tutorial, please make sure you add the link in the Add Notes section. The rest of us might want to make it too!
There are a half dozen suggestions. If I think of more, I might try to hijack this blog again to pass them along.

Thanks for bearing with me!


Thanks so much for these great tips, Gretchen! 


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