Saturday, February 4, 2012

#SBSI - Super Bowl Sew In Tomorrow!

As we told you in yesterday's post with Pam, tomorrow is the Super Bowl Sew In.  This follows on the heels of the BDSI (Boxing Day Sew In) and the previous ABFSI (Anti-Black Friday Sew In).  It is being organized by Pam, Darla (The Scientific Quilter), Katie (Quilted Magnolia), and Nonnie.

This is a great way to offer and receive encouragement, keep one another company during the big game, and get to know your online quilting community members a little bit better.  Nonnie writes, "Sew some, tweet some, and hopefully have some laughs and fun and encouragement.  It's fast, furious, hard to follow sometimes, but a lot of's a great social time."

You can follow and participate on using the hashtag #SBSI.

Whatever you're working on, don't forget to add it to your projects page!  We want to see.

To get in the mood...


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