Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Search Page

During our last update, we formatted our general search pages.  Let's take a tour and see how it all works.

You can see the results when you type in search keywords in the search box found at the top of the screen; in the blue bar.

Let's try to find a Jelly Roll pattern!  Type Jelly Roll into the search box and click 'Search'

This is what the new search results page looks like:

As you can see, there are 397 items on the site that match the Jelly Roll search

You can sort your results by clicking one of these:

Over to the right are several filters, starting with the type of content you want to look for.  Note about the filters - only the filters relevant to your search will show.  For example, if you filter by fabric only, then the pattern category filter will disappear (because you wouldn't have this tag on a fabric - get it?)

Each individual result shows you an image if it is available, indicates what type of content it is (fabric, pattern, pressroom, etc..), gives you a little info about the piece of content, and links to the content page in the name, image, or URL.

Now, I said I wanted to find a Jelly Roll Pattern - so let's filter our results even further.  Go down the right column and click the filters that you want to limit your search too.  After clicking each one the page will have to reload.
Notice how the breadcrumb at the top matches the order you clicked the filters.  Now, under the number of items found, you can see what you filters are.  See how the filters to the right have reduced to just relevant information.  To take out one filter - just click the  (-) next to the name; or to go back a step, click on the breadcrumb.

To start a new search - just type in new keywords into the search box.

I know this change has made it a lot easier to find data on our site.  We still have lots of work to do.  Next up will be formatting the members search and adding custom search boxes to the catalog pages.



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