Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chat it UP! - Sergers and Other Machines

LizCre8sQuilts started a thread about sergers, and Allison started one about embroidery machines.  It got us thinking; how many of you have more than just a standard sewing machine?

The serger discussion covered the features you should look for (self-threading, coverlock stitch) and what you can make with one (backpack, clothing). 

In the thread about embroidery machines, the subject turned more toward the "how to."  SewExcitedQuilts posted some excellent information about thread, stabilizer, and more.  Slsroach linked to an article she has written on the subject.  We have some amazing members, don't we?

Do you have a serger or embroidery machine?  Longarm?  Something else?  Come join the conversation!   And take our poll in the sidebar. 

Last week's poll about books was an interesting one.  No one claims to have zero quilting books, although one person did say s/he has ten or less.  The majority of us have between eleven and fifty, but a few people have up to a hundred.  Three people confessed to more than a hundred quilting or crafting books!  Make sure you add them to your SeamedUP library so you don't buy duplicates...and be sure to review your favorites. 


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