Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's Next?

Ok, we are done whining about needing a new server.  We have moved the site and 95% of it is working as we expected.  We are seeing better results and faster speeds.  So what shall we do next?

Actually, more clean up is in the works this week.  I am going page by page and double-checking, re-checking and testing everything.  I have been working with our new server support team and making the behind-the-scenes changes they are suggesting.  We know we have a few bugs but, honestly, the bug list is never ending.  I will squash them one at a time as I find the time to work on them.

The exciting thing we are doing is opening the site up to non-members.  Yup!!  You read me right.

Very soon...

SeamedUP can be viewed by EVERYONE!!!!!

It has always been our intention to make the site open to the public, meaning non-members, but we had to control our server load before.  We wanted to grow slowly through word of mouth.  But now that we have got our "new set of wheels," we want to show them off.

We are starting off slowly with the homepage and the Chat it UP.  Next we will move to the What's UP? page.  Then the Fabrics, Patterns and Books.  Last, but definitely not least, will be your projects! We have had several requests for projects to be open to non-members.  This way you can show them off to whomever you want and link to them more easily.  The entire process will take over a month as we are also working on new features and fixing current issues.

Don't worry - we will still keep some stuff private.  Your stash, favorites, library and thread pages will only be viewed by members.  In addition, non-members will be able to read the Chat it UP, but you will have to be a member to post (this keeps out those nasty spammers ~ no sex pills in our forums).

With our new server and development process, the site has to be taken down for new changes to take effect.  Periodically, I will put the site down for maintenance.  I will do my best to give you notice. The first of these changes should happen the weekend of the 6th.

We are Super Excited about the changes coming.  Hope you are too.


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  1. I hope that you will allowing blocking of non-members from viewing projects or whatever that we don't want viewed. Thanks.