Monday, January 9, 2012

Modern Blocks Quilt Along Re-Cap - Week 4

A quick re-cap of our fourth week's Modern Blocks Quilt Along blocks.  We hope you're having as much fun as we are!

We're very excited to have so many of you linking up your projects with the book so we can see all the different interpretations of these gorgeous blocks. There's a quick tutorial from the Tech Goddess on how to add your project to the book.

These are the blocks we made; to see the correct professional version, click the name of the block.

 On the twenty-second day of the Quilt Along, Allison went on vacation for a week.  Jenny made the Higgledy-Piggledy block by Kate Henderson.  Jenny writes, "This block reminds me of bargello and went together very simply.  I'm having trouble picturing how I would use it in a whole quilt and would love to see the EQ version of it as multiple blocks.   A series of them would make an interesting table runner or wrap."

On the twenty-third day of the quilt along Brye made Garden Lattice by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.   Brye writes, "I love this block and would probably make it into a whole quilt except it is too similar to the garden maze I already made.  The instructions have you cutting the strips bigger than needed and then you trim - I found that trickier than exact measurements."

On the twenty-fourth day of the Quilt Along, Jenny made the Pinball Machine block by Jessica Brown.  Jenny writes, "This is a very fun block that would make a cute quilt if you turned the blocks all different ways.  It could be a fantastic color study with a line of solids!  Cutting all the different size strips was a little tedious, but then the block went together perfectly."

On the twenty-fifth day of the quilt along Brye made Topsy Turvy Tree by Natalie Kaplan.   Brye writes, "Unfortunately, the pattern did not say anything about reversing it or it wasn't printed in reverse like the windmill block; so my tree came out backwards.  Other than that - this is a great way to make a wonky block.  I really liked the variety of the colors."

On the twenty-sixth day of the Quilt Along, Jenny made the Riverbank block by Tiffany Stephens.  Jenny writes, "This block is fantastic stashbuster, as well as a good lesson on line.  I originally made it with the center fabric's stripe going horizontally, but I didn't like it as much as the sample in the book.  I remade the block with the stripe going diagonally, which makes all the difference!"

On the twenty-seventh day of the quilt along Brye made You've Been Framed by Natasha Bruecher.   Brye writes, "This is a great block if you are on the edge of modern and traditional."

On the twenty-eighth day of the Quilt Along, Jenny made the Polaroid block by the editor of Modern Blocks, Susanne Woods.  Jenny writes, "This block spoke to me from the moment I saw it.  I love using photographs in quilts.  I decided to use my mom's favorite picture from when my brother and I were little and make it into a Valentine's Day pillow."

Which one is your favorite?  It's never too late to get your own copy and quilt along with us!  Link up so we can see your blocks!=

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