Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chat it UP - Binding by Machine

Scooquilt started a great discussion over in Chat it UP about binding by machine. 

This sounds like a great way to get a sturdy binding on the quilt quickly!

KnitNkwilt wonders how the mitered corners are treated, and how "perfect" your blind hem stitch has to be for it to turn out well.

Come join the conversation and let us know how you do your bindings!  There's also a poll in the sidebar.  Do you use:
  • Traditional binding - sewn by machine to the front of the quilt and by hand to the back
  • Machine binding - both sides sewn by machine, whether the way Scooquilt does it or some other method (please share your other methods!)
  • Faux binding - back, batting, and top are sewn together along the edges before quilting, leaving an opening, and then turned right side out.  The opening is sewn closed and then some quilters topstitch around the quilt 1/4" from the edge to mimic a traditional binding. 
  • Other - please share!
One more thing - did you know that the Chat it UP page and several other pages of the site are now visible to non-members?  You have to be logged in to post, but anyone can read.  Invite your quilty friends to check it out - they just might learn something new today.  I sure did!


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