Friday, December 30, 2011

Chat it UP! - Quilty Resolutions

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  This week in Chat it UP! we share our resolutions, goals, and dreams for 2012.

Finishing what we've started is a popular theme.  Craftytammie and Seeneed say organization is at the top of their lists, and Firetones wants to learn more about her machine and free motion quilting.   

KnitNkwilt resolved not to make any more resolutions and to let go of the guilt.  The quilt recipients will get them when they get them! (with a nod to Mr. Incredible).

For more about quilty resolutions, you can listen to a recent episode of Quilting for the Rest of Us in which Sandy shares some advice and a challenge.

How about you?  Do you make resolutions?  Take the poll in our sidebar!

As for last week's poll, no one claimed that they don't save scraps.  I guess that's just you, Brye!  The rest of us were split down the middle between using Bonnie Hunter's method or something similar, and having them all stuffed in a bag, bin, or box. 

Pssst. Jenny! I am hi-jacking your blog post!

Does anyone else feel the 'new year's need to organize' the way I do? If so - then please join me on my 2012 Studi-O-rganization Challenge hosted at Within A Quarter Inch!


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  1. I would agree with KnitNkwilt, having not made resolutions in years & years. It is a self-defeating exercise. My quilt recipients know they will get them when they get them & all other recipients of my other crafty goodness know it too. If one must feel the need to start the new year with something try goals - and I mean REASONABLE ones!