Monday, May 2, 2011

Project Detail Pages get a Facelift

Lots of new stuff happened on the site this weekend. I don't want to overwhelm you with all the newness, so I post a little bit every day.

First, the project details pages got a total re-design! This is the page you go to whenever you click on a project; whether is it yours or someone else's. There are three tabs at the top for easy navigation and to streamline all the information related to the project.

The first tab it the "Details" tab. This will show you pictures of the project. It also shows you most of the text information such as project category, pattern used, techniques, quiltblocks, batting, etc... You can click on the pattern to get more details on the pattern.

The next tab is "Fabrics Used". This is a table that shows you the fabrics that were used in the project (if the project creator entered them). You can see how much was used, how much it cost, where it was purchased, and you can click on the link to go to the fabric page to get more details on the fabric.

Lastly is the "Comments" tab. This is where you go to leave comments or to read the comments left by other members. Spread the love and tell them how much you like what they made!

As with most new features, we need to work out the bugs. If you find any, email me at Not all fields are showing yet. I am working on adding a box to show the project status and another one to give you more details about the pattern.

Check us out tomorrow for more details on the latest features.=

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