Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's be Friends!!!

New Feature!!!
Friending other members!

This weekend we adding the option to friend other SeamedUP members. You will see new icons on the sewing room and member profile page. Why do you want to make friends?! In the coming days or week we will be announcing an even better feature - a Facebook style wall! Where you and your friends can share you latest status and what you have been up to. Just another way to make SeamedUP the Modern Fabric Crafting Community!

Just click on the silhouette with the plus sign to send a friend request. All friend requests need to be approved. When you click you can send a message and you request is sent by email to the other member. Once approved - you will receive an email notification - the icon with turn blue. The the limbo in between it will have a small yellow caution sign.Link

In addition, we have added a new link to the sewing room menu to go directly to your friends list; where you can manage it our approve it. But you will easily recognize any new requests, because they will pop up in your sewing room!Also on your profile page we have added a block showing your latest friends.

Like I always say, SeamedUP keeps moving forward and adding new and better features. FYI - if you send the TechGoddess a friend request, she will always approve you.=

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