Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Dynamic is one of those website terms that gets thrown around. When we first started building this site we knew we wanted a "Dynamic" database and wanted all aspects of the site to be "Dynamic". I know that not everyone quite understands what it means. So here is an example.

Let's start off on the Patterns tab. Click on a category - I chose "Table Runners":
This opens a list of all the Table Runners in the database. From here, choose one:

This opens up the pattern detail page for the chosen pattern. A lot of the details are actually links. See how they are blue. Click on the designer's name.

This opens up a page with everything in the database from that designer. And the cycle starts again!

Dynamic! Most of the pages within SeamedUP are like this. Check out fabrics, projects, and even other members stash or library. Adding these small details does take some time, so they are not all done yet; but this is one of our goals.=

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